Zoom Online Appts

Recent Psychology Today Surveys indicated that now a Majority of clients Prefer Online Appointments vs meeting In-person.

Think about the reasons why online may make sense for you.  If you have a quiet comfortable environment where you can relax and not be disturbed, you may prefer the time and expense savings of not having to commute, avoiding possible anxiety of meeting in an unfamiliar new location, no-stress regarding dress attire, and for some it's easier to fully share from the shelter of your own home.

I can tell you, that my in-person clients quickly become comfortable, and discover that they're in a safe non-judgmental environment of loving-kindness, where they're heard and supported.  Some meet the first time in-person, then do follow-ups online after the initial rapport is established.

I support whatever feels right for you.  We can discuss this in your complementary phone session prior to first appointment.

If you have a computer with a camera, I can send you the Zoom Meeting Link to click and join our session.  You don't even need a Zoom account, and there's no software to download.