RELATIONSHIP Repair Revelations

A Relationship Coaching Connection Conduit

* I utilize "a Relationship Checkup Assessment" tool to complement our session. It automatically scores a couple's strengths and challenges, and provides a detailed clinical feedback report with specific recommendations. The tool was developed by husband and wife doctors over a period of 40-years practice, and can significantly accelerate the process to relationship whole health.

Regarding "wellness" ... In Dr. Lissa Rankin's Whole Health Model, it's been shown that there is nothing more important than "connection".

Top performers have Coaches. You’re considering “a relationship with me”, to help bolster your relationship. I consider that responsibility very seriously, but offer solutions with a lighthearted touch.

Isn’t It Simply Absurd? . . . that most will enter into relationships without ever having learned the skills to enrich the connection beyond the initial hormonal attraction, to boost the potential for successfully creating and maintaining ENDURING happiness in the lives of their family!

So, I’m saying “it’s not you – it was the system” … but now that a challenge exists, it is your responsibility to get the tools for your heart and your head … this will make sense both emotionally and logically. get REAL TM is a program that provides the process of discovery, and re-connection.

We have quick assessment methods as well as a Top Tier 500-Question Assessment for those who desire or need to really dig deep.

Call for a Free 15-20 minute consultation to “get a feeling” about our compatibility. Call with your questions. Get answers.