CHRONIC PAIN - relief without drugs

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I suffered from pain for decades. It wasn't constant ... it would come and it would go. It was what Doctors called chronic pain, and they ran many tests to determine what was wrong with me. They did various scans to take a look at my physical structure ... to see what didn't look "normal" ... I had x-rays, ultra-sound, and CATscans ... and they prescribed various pharmaceuticals to relieve the pain. In fact for years, I popped five different Rx medications daiy including anti-depressants.

But none of that took the pain away . And that was the most wonderful thing that ever happened for me, because it taught me to once and for all, take charge of my life, and find out what was creating my dis-ease. And I did. And now for five years I've taken zero medications, and I am healthier, happier, more physically fit, and of better value to myself and others than I ever have been in my life ... and YOU can be just like that too.

I traveled where I needed to travel, to meet with the best teachers I could find to help me discover what I needed to understand. And I invested tens of thousands of dollars and years in a re-education to become trained and certified in complementary wellness modalities of healing that support a human being healthy .

Your Pain : perhaps your pain is physical ... like a nagging injury from the past that just won't seem to go away ... or perhaps it's more of an internal feeling like a sadness or belief that you're not good enough, or smart enough, or anything else ... and maybe you've tried and tried and nothing has "stuck" ... but you'd sure like things to be different.

This time it's time for you. Become pain free. Free consultation. Call.
I can't call for you - that's your first responsibility action-step to wellness.

--Non-surgical - non-invasive - non-pharmaceutical--

Do You Suffer with Back, Neck, Joint or Fibromyalgia, Migraines, or Digestive Discomfort?