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Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS)

Chasing the scream and finding your cure.

YOUR Questions

Jot them down. Make your list. The following will help, but then what is it that you need to know? We’ll answer those questions in a complimentary phone consultation of up to an hour. You may email your questions prior to our consultation if you wish.

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* For many - NOW there’s Hope!

The BMS medical diagnosis comes AFTER eliminating everything that traditional medical training considers as a potential cause. ***If you’ve been diagnosed with BMS, where everything organic has been ruled out, and nothing obvious makes sense … the following may be sensible for your consideration.

Doctors from the finest hospitals agree – “There is No known cause; No known cure”.

But what if your cause and cure were ready to be found?

What if the finest hospitals even listed the cause on their website information about this syndrome? … BUT , ruled it out . In doing so, the conclusion that most reach, is that this possible cause – Isn’t.

Therefore if a trusted advisor ruled it out, you look elsewhere … perhaps taking you further away from ever finding the truth.

What if , they just didn’t dig deep enough … or for whatever the reason … couldn’t , wouldn’t, or didn’t arrange and link the components for success in the right order?

There’s Hope. Don’t give up!

Clients have stopped the pain, even after suffering for years, over a decade, and in at least one case the BMS had been present for nearly 20 years. You couldn’t really “blame anyone” who suffers with pain daily so severe that it is debilitating, to the point where they are beginning to believe that “life is no longer worth living”. It’s no picnic living like that, but please read on. The STP SOLUTION TM , required analysis that spanned decades, and the aggregation of information from M.D.s, and PhD scientists included mind-body-spirit-emotion connections. Thousands of evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies published in medical journals support what was distilled and stacked in an exclusive manner to provide a relatively fast positive outcome. The STP SOLUTION TM is very Fast, Easy, and Affordable compared to everything those diagnosed have experienced to date.

NOW There’s Help.

If you’ve tried and tried, and haven’t found an answer “after trying everything” please don’t give up - try again. Will the processes that resolved our clients’ pain help absolutely everyone? Of course not. But these programs and processes are non-invasive, all-natural, non-pharmaceutical solutions that can do no harm … but in most (over 90%) instances result in becoming nearly or completely pain-free. And that is guaranteed, which is something you’re never going to get when checking into a hospital – at least not to my knowledge.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you’ve been suffering with BMS, and perhaps even spent tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses (one client over $50,000 of her own money beyond all the insurance payments), and stayed in hospitals recognized as “the best in the nation”, and “it looks like you’ve tried everything” … then this next sentence may be the one that is “ THE most difficult to believe, or even imagine”! Here it is …

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed , or you don’t have to pay – anything * -- see Guarantee. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Wouldn’t you like to have a guarantee like that for everything in life?

*The FlipTheSwitch Satisfaction Guarantee

The complete yet short terms are spelled out on the website page. Why would we make such an offer?

Because that’s how confident we are that you’ll find significant or complete relief, and be so satisfied with your outcome, that you’ll easily wish you had access to this program earlier. And … you’ve suffered enough … so, if for any reason you don’t experience significant or complete pain relief, we don’t want your outcome to be one of more pain. Really – it’s because our clients routinely experience pain relief, and if together we determine that you’re a candidate who is likely to benefit from The STP SOLUTION TM program, we’ll share the experiences and modes that have helped thousands of others become pain free. (see complete The STP SOLUTION TM Guarantee here)

Educational History

Information that explains how and why this works is therapeutic in and of itself. So you’ll see short videos of M.D.s who have devoted their lives to helping their patients who were diagnosed with maladies like, or similar to yours. You’ll see TV interviews with amazing doctors who show patient successes, sharing their names and details about how they became well. (this goes back 30 years)

One courageous M.D. states that “the primary ingredient” for consideration in this healing process has been known to doctors for over 50 years, but suppressed. You’ll discover “why” - and it’s about more than money. You’ll hear extraordinary stories about miraculous recoveries that actually would provide hope to anybody who simply enjoyed being inspired by those who are students of the human nature. This is extraordinary, because it suggests there is actually a way … to initiate a spontaneous remission and recovery from conditions that have been labeled “incurable”. Have we discovered the “way”? Every client gets to answer that question.

Recovery Path

There are several Options for your consideration.

  • Schedule online via Skype sessions. Depending upon the severity of your case, you may be able to receive everything you need within our virtual world. Some have.
  • Individual In-person Program. This is the protocol that is most effective, and the one that offers the FTS Guarantee. It will require “in-session time” of 2 ½ days in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.
  • Enroll in a Group Program for 4 participants, requiring a 3 day commitment in our offices, or ask about potential availability in your area. The Guarantee also applies.

Q: How would you go about selecting and being comfortable with the next practitioner you choose to assist with easing or erasing your pain?

Would the most important aspect be … not their accomplishments, but rather their clients’ outcome accomplishments of success?

* What If . . . you wanted to Stop The Pain - whatever your pain was that was continuing to challenge you … and you had “tried everything” … been to every kind of doctor, including specialists at world renowned hospitals … even a one-week admittance to the clinic ranked as “best in the country” … and, they couldn’t find anything wrong – leading to a diagnosis “no known cause; no known cure”.

I tell those clients who call me doctor or a miracle-worker … I am not a doctor, and you are the miracle worker. I guided you through an exclusive program that required 10-years to develop, so that you could discover a unique way to heal from your pain. And you did. The positive outcome is now a routine occurrence for my clients who come in with chronic pain and leave without it. And the process is now one of the courses available in our get REAL TM program (Relevant Education for Authentic Living) for Healthcare and wellness practitioners who wish to learn how to facilitate their client chronic pain recoveries, and perhaps even guarantee their success.

The Wisdom

“The wisdom” belonged to those who came before me and shared the results of their life work. In nearly every instance, that required true courage. It can be a very lonely world, when trying to share information that is not embraced even by most colleagues. My heroes wrote their books which contradicted current practice years after their personal epiphanies. They wrote when they could no longer remain silent, in the midst of knowing they would risk personal and professional reputation and ridicule, as well as the economic ramifications of going against “established rules”. You would think that extraordinarily successful outcomes would be welcomed, yet in many cases that only increased the outside resistance. Every day, I am thankful that I was blessed with the opportunity to work with those M.D.s, theologians, and other scientists who my clients meet through testimonials and short videos. They help me explain the unexplainable if solely reliant upon my own knowledge. They help my clients tap into their own reservoir of acceptance that permits a shift in what may have been un-believable.

The STP SOLUTION TM is one of A ggregation, D issemination, and I ntegration resulting in T ransformation. When you AD-IT up, it’s the result of years of gathering information, constructing a rather magical stacking order and timeline upon which to distribute same within the context of various educationally therapeutic modalities … leading to the client reframing disempowering beliefs within the neuroplastic brain as it generates new pathways to support new perceptions. Both brain and physical body energetic tools collaborate and contribute to the solution. Within the processes, the body “is granted permission” to settle into a calmed mode so it can FlipTheSwitch to self-regulation … permission to heal.

What is it that you need to know? . . . That's what it is that we'd like to show. STP - StopThePain

Your renewed ability to joyfully experience each day is our expectation. www.FlipTheSwitch.BIZ/BMS